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Activism Now - June 13th, 2021 - Drag March for Change

June 13th, 2021 - Chicago On the 1 year anniversary of their 2020 action, protestors from the local drag community lead a peaceful march in support of Black Lives and Black Trans Lives and to demand justice for victims of police brutality.

Filmmakers: Spence Warren, David A. Holcombe

Editor: Tobias Toles (IG: 1tolsey)

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#AllBlackLivesMatter The demands of our last action were not met in full so we restate and escalate them and keep the feet of our oppressors to the fire: We Demand: -Justice* for Tony McDade

-Justice* for Breonna Taylor -Justice* for George Floyd

-That the Chicago City Council defund CPD by 75% and reinvest those funds into social services and community programs

-That police be banned from marching in Pride festivities indefinitely

-Immediate release of all protesters from previous BLM actions

*Justice being the abolishment of the system that took these lives and that restorative systems grow in their stead.

Endorsers for The Drag March For Change 2021:

Black Lives Matter, Chicago Brave Space Alliance, The #LetUsBreathe Collective, Chicago Freedom School, DEFUND CPD Chicago Black Drag Council, #CareNotCops, Darkest Before Dawn, CAARPR, Grassroot Collaborative, Chicago Tortur, Justice Memorials, Chi Resists, Queer Activist Collective, Justice For Nick, SWOP, United Working Families, SoapBox, A City United, Chicago Abortion Fund, Chicago Torture Justice Center 48th Neighbors For Justice, 46th Ward Neighbors Against Police Violence, NorthSide Action For Justice


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