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The Uprising Grows 6/12-6/14

June 12th-14th, 2020 - Chicago Activists and community protestors continue to fill the streets all over the city. They demand the defunding of police, the creation of a Civilian Police Accountability Council, and an end to racial and LGBTQIA+ injustice.

Troi Valles Joe Lewis Stop the Murder, Stop the Torture: Free Them All - CPAC Now! Kids Non-Violent Protest Against Racism Drag March For Change Justice for George Floyd + Breonna Taylor, Defund CPD: NW Side Filmmakers: Spence Warren, Lily Qi, Sarabi Woods, @Jaaron Boger, Alejandro Reyes, Zack Sievers, and Grace Elizabeth Editing: David A Holcombe Drivers: Agnotti Benedict, Darren Hill Support: Ann Sonneville Black Lives Matter Chicago Brave Space Alliance #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #riahmilton #remmiefells #icantbreathe #feduprising #uprising2020 #activismnow #defundcpd #abolishpolice #nojusticenopeace #caarpr

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