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Soft Cage adapted its Children’s film class for virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic. The 3 class instructors took 9 kids through a 9-week course over Zoom. Each week they learned about a different role on a filmmaking set from a guest industry professional. Small groups, comprised of 3 kids and 1 instructor, collaborated in the process of writing, developing, designing, rehearsing, shooting, and editing a short film. This class was provided to the children free of charge.

Children's Film Class

In 2019 Soft Cage partnered with Hairpin Arts to launch their first Children's Filmmaking Class. The 9-week class took 7 kids (8-11 y.o.) through a process of collaboration from writing the script and rehearsing through shooting and editing. The class' film premiered at the Music Box Theatre to a full audience of friends and family.

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