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Human Capital

Feature Film

"Human Capital" is an anthology of three 30-minute films, beginning with 2015's "Pilgrim", continuing with 2016's "Breaking", and concluding with 2017's "Mandala". This anthology follows three unlikely heroes, whose livelihood is being eroded by labor technology.


28 minutes

PILGRIM tells the story of a taxi driver--a middle aged, bedenimed, Muslim immigrant who is consumed by the ideals of a John Wayne style of justice. As moral dilemmas present themselves, he enforces these unspoken codes of conduct as he struggles to also uphold the tenets of Islam.

Directed by:  David A. Holcombe
Written by:  Heather Mingo & John Sutton

Director of Photography:  Adam Blaszkiewicz

Starring: Robert Isaac, Natalie Dicristofano, Keegan Siebkhen, Frank Nall, Josh Philo, Caroyln Hoerdemann, Carl Wisniewski, Jordon Hoisington, Manny Buckley, Darnell Jordon, Stanley Coelho, Raza Siddiqui, Peter Connor, Jazzma Pryor



BREAKING follows a first generation Polish American mother named Alina. She struggles to juggle several jobs: housekeeper, nanny, mother, daughter, among others. The mayor of Chicago has hired Alina to work in her home where Alina is eventually presented with an ethical dilemma that tests her idea of personal justice.




Directed by:  David A. Holcombe
Written by:  Heather Mingo & John Sutton

Director of Photography:  Adam Blaszkiewicz

Gaffer: Kim Pedersen

Starring: Maria  Margaglione, Peyton Owen
Marzena Bukowska
Brookelyn Hebert
Rita Simon

Mandala Poster FINAL.jpg


Mandala is the final installment of a three part series that examines the way justice directly and indirectly plays a role in the daily lives of three unlikely heroes. “Mandala” explores the inner world of an unsuspecting janitor as he thanklessly maintains cosmic order amid the chaos of the day. This story highlights the issues of micro labor, classism, and workers’ rights during an event unveiling the new mayor’s policies that push for technology driven labor. A crisis arises, highlighting pitfalls of the showcased technology and endangering everyone at the event. The janitor’s unique and intimate knowledge of the setting might be the only path returning the crowd to safety.

Directed by Rev. David Holcombe
Written by Heather Mingo & John Sutton
Cinematography by Taylor Russ
Produced by Eric Dern

UPM: Sara Mitchell

Sound Mixer: Matt Frost

Starring: Arch Harmon, Rita Simon, Brooke Hebert, Jillian Weingart,

Dionne Addai


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