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Praise for Graffito


" 'Graffito' can be classified as artful in every way with a lush music score, a really good cast, and a clever twist that merits sticking around until the end. The film is shot predominantly in black and white, and Holcombe has a talent for making the ordinary appear ethereal. He served as DP on this film as well, and his images and scene framing are perfectly elemental but articulate as well. When Soft Cage does make a horror film, his skill with the camera will burn any nightmarish images into the viewer’s memory with an old school Kubrick or Cronenberg intensity. This film is both satirical and self aware in perfect proportions, with 'blink and you miss it' nuances. A 'high recommend' for any horror fan’s dose of culture."


-Kevin Scott, (Highly Recommended)



"Graffito is an extremely interesting and very unusual little movie... and the whole thing, erratic as it might be, works beautifully, as it's held together by a slightly ironic (but never moronic) approach, subtle but beautiful camerawork, and intentionally eccentric pacing. Really, an extremely interesting piece of cinema, well worth checking out!"


-Mike Haberfelner,



"Very well done! This film needs to be picked up by a distributor. This needs to get out to the people. This is Holcombe's best work. He really shines."


-Drew Mead, (2 middle fingers up)


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